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The ultimate all in one media solution. Just set the settings once and enjoy a lifetime of comfort and sophistication. Join the movement today.

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Album Cover Treatment

Include your media collection with our special album cover treatment

Play & enjoy your media files

Play & enjoy your media files and your friend's media files simultaneously on all your devices!

Sync your media files

Sync your media files with all your devices! Automatically! Wirelessly! WiFi / 3G

The All In One Package
    • Enjoy a powerful media player core engine.
    • Play, manage and sync your media files, folders and playlists with all your devices.
    • Send sharing invitations to fellow users and easily choose what to share with each one.
    • Add missing album art cover.
    • Multiple file format support.
    • Get instant information on your favorite artists.
    • Create your own music, video and pictures library.
    • Create new playlists or load old ones.
    • Subtitle support.
    • One click import of existing library playlists from your former media player for a smooth sailing transition.
    • SyncoPlayer has an online server that enables the users to sync their files and share files with fellow users at maximum speeds!
    • No matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection, WiFi or 3G, you always stay synced. Playing the media files and using the PC / Android apps does not rely on internet connection, only the sync does.
    • What the server does, is that it transfers the files from your PC to your Device or your fellow users' Device. After the transfer is complete, the files are automatically deleted from the server, a mechanism which allows us to charge extremely low fees for the server use.
    • Enjoy a powerful media player core engine.
    • Get synced with your PC &/or your fellow user's PC.
    • Play music, videos and view pictures on your device.
    • Browse your files in various ways.
    • Create smart playlists.
    • Add missing album art cover.
    • Multiple file format support.
    • Get instant information on your favorite artists.
    • 10 Bands Equalizer.
    • Subtitle Support.
    • Facebook and Twitter connectivity.
    • Minimum CPU and battery consumption.

The minute I download a media file on my computer, it would immediately show up on my device, without me doing anything. Hooray! - Roi Rambo

Cause streaming is just not good enough for me. I need a system that can contain my audiophile needs. - Alexander Kaganovich

This is the solution I was looking for, it's like a robot that caters all my needs. - Dana Tal

OMG! SyncoPlayer is so damn easy and comfortable, I can now exchange media files with my friends so easily. - Ben Agami

I'm tired of plugging my device with a cable or having to deal with a bunch of apps. All I need is SyncoPlayer. - Eli Friedmann

It's great that I can get synced with my friends' files and simultaneously sync my media files. Bless you syncoplayer. - Jordan Grondland

That is one great looking interface! and it syncs all my playlists and it adds missing album covers.. - Karen Shechori

Very smart and works smoothly. Now I have all my files and my friends' files on my phone and tablet. Very easy to handle and highly customizable. - Kobe Revach

It's like Dropbox customized as a media center. LIKE! - Wayne Lee

SyncoPlayer you made my new year's resolution to go with Android instead of iPhone into one of the best choices I have made this year, unless it's available for iPhone? LMFO! - Lior Vaknin

I like the mix of a simple yet dynamic interface. I can choose specific files/folders/playlists and have full control over what I sync with my devices and at the same time have that same control over the things I share with my friends. - Roberto Ruggeri